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A Shaggy dog story

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  • Bask in a bounty of wrinkled chops and manic drooling faces
  • Mad-looking mongrels, frozen in time
  • Dogs as you've never seen them before. Puppy Picassos
  • 130 pages of loveable floppy-faced fleabags
Dog's faces are funny enough as it is. Gurning, snuffling, dribbling, licking their own bulbous eyeballs. But capture a freeze-frame of them shaking their silly little heads and you're onto something very special indeed.

These are some serious nature-defying skin and jaw movements. Ears and tongues being flung about the place, lips where eyes should be, drool streaming absolutely everywhere. Puppy Picassos. It's incredible. Most of them don't even resemble dogs any more; looking more like the strange fantasies of a deranged maverick taxidermist or a bowl of heavily-stirred cake mixture with some googly eyes thrown in.

Carli Davidson (who clearly has the best job in the world) presents Shake, a mind-blowing and smile-inducing book containing 130 absurd full-page photographs of these loveable floppy-faced fleabags.

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