Shake and Wake Alarm Clock
  • Shake and Wake Alarm Clock

Shake and Wake Alarm Clock

Don’t be alarmed, be vibrated

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    Shake and Wake Alarm Clock

    Wear it on your wrist...

    Waking up without disturbing your slumbering partner is nigh on impossible if you rely on an alarm clock. Yes, you can hand out earplugs, but even they won’t silence the ding-a-ling din of a decent waker-upper. So why not give bedmates a break with the Shake and Wake Alarm Clock.

    As its name (sort of) suggests, this lightweight wearable alarm clock wakes you up by vibrating. Simply strap it on your wrist or shove it under your pillow. Genius! You’ll never oversleep again. And unless you start each day with an ear-splitting burp, yawn or worse, your partner will be laughing (or should we say sleeping).

    Shake and Wake Alarm Clock

    ...Or place it under your pillow

    As well as its silent, bedmate-friendly alarm, the Shake and Wake is ideal for all you sleepyheads who have trouble hearing your current alarm. WE SAID THE SH…oh forget it. What’s more, its large, backlit LED display means it’s unlikely you’ll have to squint to check that it really is early o’ clock.

    Unlike rival vibrating alarm clocks, the Shake and Wake is wire-free, so you won’t wake up chewing a spaghetti of cables, having spent the night dreaming about a Lady and the Tramp style dining experience with your favourite member of Girls Aloud. Shame.

    Shake and Wake Alarm Clock

    Backlit LED display

    This nifty gizmo is also great for reminding you of appointments, medication times and more. That said, you’d need to be on some kind of medication to wear it anywhere but under the duvet. Then again, the likes of P Diddy seem to favour clunky watches; and we suppose it could be considered rather cool in an ironic, Bionic Man’s pulse monitor kind of way.

    Speaking of irony, the Shake and Wake even features an optional beeping alarm for comatose clowns who need all the help they can get in the morning. But if you’re really that feckless, we recommend you simply wait for mummy to wake you up with a nice cup of tea.

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