Sex Pixels T-Shirt

    Sex Pixels T-Shirt

    It's just your dirty imagination...

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      Like many things of beauty, this t-shirt's true magnificence is only fully appreciated from afar. If you stand too close it's difficult to tell what the cool mass of circles mean. However for those looking at your chest from slightly further away, a clearer picture emerges.

      Aaaah! A beautiful young lady in the nip. In textbook glamour pose. Marvellous. Done in such a way, you don't actually see anything explicit, it's down to the observer's filthy subconscious to fill in the rest. So you really can't be held responsible.

      Should you happen to walk down a busy street sporting your newly purchased garment, take a moment to bask in the enjoyment of the double-takes of those folk who are not too obsessed with the miserable drudgery of their humdrum lives to notice your marvellous chest decoration. An initial look of dismay (or even disapproval) will generally be transformed into one of delighted appreciation of your ingenious optical tomfoolery. This effect is particularly welcome when exhibited by policemen or supermarket security guards, as our road-testing has found.

      This exquisite, high-quality shirt is available exclusively from - you won't find it in the shops, so don't even bother looking. Wearing of said garment is bound to make you the envy of the common t-shirt wearing hordes, who will doubtless clamour to know where they could find such fetching and provocative attire. Only you can decide if they are worthy to know...

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