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Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates

    Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates

    Let he who has not sinned eat the first choccy!

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      LetÂ’s be honest, when it comes to sinning most of us are as guilty as, well, sin. Of course, sin itself comes in many shapes and sizes; the infamous Seven Deadly Sins (greed, pride, envy, anger, lust, gluttony and sloth) are open to all manner of interpretation. For instance, here at Firebox HQ we theoretically stepped on the holier than thou toes of all seven just the other night - and we were only eating a box of deliciously naughty Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates!

      7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

      Fair play, it was greedy of us to eat an entire box, but we take pride in testing our products, especially the edible ones. Maybe thatÂ’s why we were a tad envious, nay angry, when we spotted a whole truckload in the CEOÂ’s office. Thankfully, we realised that lusting over chocolate is pointless, and, like true gluttons for punishment, we rapidly returned to work. But what about sloth we hear you ask? Well, quite frankly we couldnÂ’t be bothered to work that one into the story, and as result weÂ’re guilty of all seven as charged!

      7 Deadly Sins: Lust

      And now you could be too, thanks to the satanically scrumptious Seven Deadly Sins Chocolate Set. This extravagant gift box contains mixed truffles & pralines covered in a variety of milk, dark and white chocolate. Each gorgeously gooey choc is luxuriously presented in its own handmade presentation case which can be treasured long after the chocolates have been wolfed down There are two chocolates for each of the seven deadly sins, so you can commit the same sin twice or allow a loved one to enjoy replicating your naughtiness.

      The Seven Deadly Sins Chocolate Set is a perfect gift for girlfriends, wives, husbands, lovers or anyone else who takes your fancy. After all, why be a goody gumdrops when you can be a debauched chocoholic?

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