Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri
  • Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri
  • Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri

Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri

Pop Cuban

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  • Classic Cuban cocktail gets the cinematic treatment
  • Daiquiri infused with cinema style popcorn flavours
  • Toasted sesame seeds add to the flavour sensation
  • Each chunky bottle is labelled and corked by hand in East London
  • Scented wax seal will blow your mind


Remember that last cocktail conversation you had where you quite arrogantly and loudly stated "Sorry Simon, but there's no way you can improve a daiquiri it's just simply perfection!"

Well, it turns out you owe Simon an apology as it has been improved. And how!

The Sesame & Popcorn Daiquiri reimagines the classic Cuban cocktail and makes it something infinitely better.

Infusing cinema style popcorn and lightly toasted sesame seeds into quality white rum helped create this tangy, savoury 20%ABV cocktail.

Plus, the super cool wax seal smells of the drink inside! Cooool.
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