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    Sesame Street Plush Dolls: The Count

    New: Count Von Count

    Sesame Street has got to be the most famous children's programme ever. And it's easy to see why. What's not to like about a pretend urban community where humans and furry creatures sing, dance and interact whilst learning about numbers, the alphabet and real-life situations?

    And what about those psychedelic animations ('Onetwothree, fourfivesix seveneightnine, ten') and the nursery rhyme news flashes presented by a trenchcoat-clad Kermit ('We've just heard that Humpty-Dumpty has had a great fall…'). Play School? Pah, this pioneering TV show is an all time classic.

    Sesame Street Plush Dolls

    Ernie and Bert

    But above and beyond everything Sesame Street introduced the world to the muppets. And now you can cuddle up to your favourite characters with these incredibly cute Sesame Street plush dolls. Each 12" cuddly critter makes a brilliant desktop/bedtime companion and is ideal for re-enacting your favourite Sesame Street skits.

    Sesame Street Plush Dolls

    (L-R) Elmo, Oscar The Grouch and Cookie Monster

    Sesame Street Plush Dolls

    They can't get enough hugs!

    With several characters to choose from you can collect virtually the entire neighbourhood. First up there's Oscar the Grouch, the green, trash can-dwelling whinger. Then we have Cookie Monster, everyone's favourite biscuit-munching maniac. Next up there's Elmo, the childlike thingamabob who always refers to himself in the third person ('Elmo likes Mr Hooper'). And who could forget world-weary Bert and innocent Ernie, the greatest comic duo since Laurel and Hardy.

    Sesame Street Plush Dolls
    Whichever Sesame Street plush doll you choose, we guarantee you'll be smitten. Indeed the memories will come flooding back the second you get snuggling. So don't be a Muppet, get ordering. Like the song says: 'Come and play, everything's a-okay.' (This description has been brought to you by the letters Z and J and the number seven).

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