Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener
  • Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener

Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener

Tops off in seconds

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    Bottle top pulled off by the Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener

    It hangs on to the bottle top!

    This is what gadgets are all about. Sure, you can open your beer with any old bottle opener but you certainly won't generate a crowd of onlookers all desperate for a go. Surprisingly this is what happened to us when we took the Sentol bottle opener to our local pub to conduct vital research.

    No more fuss getting the top off your bottle of beer - the Sentol is a miracle bottle opener that not only removes the top but hangs on to it thanks to a handy magnetic interior. Simply place the Sentol over the neck of the bottle, slam down the opener with the other and lift off.

    Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener: Sushi version

    Sushi - front and back

    Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener: Samurai version

    Sushi - front and back

    The bottle top is removed with minimum effort, and held magnetically in the Sentol for easy disposal. Incredibly simple to use, even when the operator has had one too many... Sentol bottle openers are the original push down bottle openers. There are many imitations but only the Sentol is manufactured in the Land of the Rising Sun. Hi-Ya!

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