Sensible Soccer T-Shirt
  • Sensible Soccer T-Shirt

Sensible Soccer T-Shirt

Get up close and personal with a footballing legend

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    Much as we love graphically gobsmacking, ridiculously realistic footie sims, we still find ourselves gravitating towards the Sensible Soccer Plug 'n' Play joypad sitting under the telly here at Firebox HQ.

    Hardly surprising because you can't beat a good old Sensible Soccer thrillfest of outrageous goals, psycho tackles and Roberto Carlos-style free kicks. Fair play, the graphics are a tad blocky and players are confined to an overhead view, but the fist-bitingly addictive gameplay more than compensates.

    Sensible Soccer T-Shirt Indeed, we love Sensible Soccer so much we thought we'd show our appreciation in style by adorning our upper torsos with the game's retro-tastic livery. Not available anywhere else but Firebox FC, the incredibly eye-catching, officially licensed Sensible Soccer T-Shirt is printed on double-stitched, heavyweight cotton in smart kelly green - the exact shade of the pixellated pitch we all know and love - and it's the ideal way to make a footballing style statement without getting your face marmalised by rival fans. Because just like Pelé and Bobby Moore, everyone loves retro soccer games, irrespective of team loyalty.

    Sensible Soccer T-Shirt A nifty little front motif depicts a Sensible player lining up to curve the ball around a four-man wall and the back reads 'Sensible' above the number 92 - the year in which this legendary game was first released for the Amiga and the Atari ST.

    The Sensible Soccer T-Shirt is a million miles away from all those daft 'look at me, I'm really wacky I am' slogan t-shirts that are currently all the rage amongst personality bypass victims. Indeed, this gloriously green garment is guaranteed to generate appreciative nods wherever you may roam. In fact, even if you've never heard of Peul Mirson or Merco Ven Besten, the Sensible Soccer T-Shirt remains a seriously chic addition to any wardrobe. So get ordering before it's too late, because we confidently predict this elegant piece of casual apparel is going to move off the shelves faster than Ron 'He was lightning slow' Atkinson can shove his foot back in his mouth. Goaaaal!!

    Sensible Soccer T-Shirt

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