Sensible Soccer 2 Player Plug 'n' Play
  • Sensible Soccer 2 Player Plug 'n' Play

Sensible Soccer 2 Player Plug 'n' Play

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    England 5, Germany 1. Liverpool 3, AC Milan 3. Chelsea 4, Barcelona 2. Ah yes, thrilling memories. Unfortunately spectacular roller-coaster footie games like that don't come along very often, even in the pixellated world of videogaming.

    In fact, in most of today's ultra-advanced graphically gobsmacking soccer sims, scoring a goal is harder than finding a footballer without a criminal record.

    And trying to play a post-pub game with a mate is practically impossible unless he, or she (well, you never know!), is as well-versed with the controls as you are. But it wasn't always like this. In days gone by Sensible Soccer ruled the gaming world in the same omnipotent way that Malcolm Glazer rules Man Utd or Roman Abramovich rules Chelski.

    Sensible Soccer Mega Drive That's because the Mega Drive version of this classic footie sim was a groundbreaking thrillfest of outrageous goals, psychotic tackles and Roberto Carlos-style free kicks. Okay, so the graphics were a bit blocky and you were confined to a basic overhead view, but this fist-bitingly addictive game flew off the shelves faster than you could say "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea" (ask a Man United fan).

    Indeed, many aficionados believe that Sensible Soccer's fast-paced gameplay has yet to be surpassed.

    And that's undoubtedly why the boffins at Radica (makers of some of our best-selling Plug & Play games) have decided to cram this superb game into a couple of beautifully-built replica Mega Drive joypads.

    Yes indeed, the Sensible Soccer Plug 'n' Play plugs straight into your TV, allowing you to bend and spray the ball within minutes. No consoles or cartridges required! But that's not to say there's no depth to Sensible Soccer. No way Jose; this two-player baby is deeper than a Cantona (or should we say "Iric Centona") press statement because you can take charge of your favourite European club, Highbury, Milano or Manchester in a whole host of cup and league competitions. What's more, each player is skilled in a different department, so Tuny Edams and Frenco Beresi are best at the back while Peul Mirson and Merco Ven Besten will score goals all day for fun.

    Football fans that we are, we almost forgot to tell you that Sensible Soccer Plug 'n' Play is also preloaded with two other classic games: Cannon Fodder, a brilliantly tense title in which players control a team of commandos and Mega-Lo-Mania, a seriously engrossing game where you assume the role of God (which is nice). And before you say it, no, these aren't 'filler' titles; both games are bona fide classics. In fact along with Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania topped the UK sales charts for over 100 weeks!

    We think that the Sensible Soccer 2-Player Plug 'n' Play is genuine Premiership material and we guarantee it will relegate many an ultra-flash console to the Nationwide Conference for at least a season. Back of the net!

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