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Sennheiser PC140 Headphones

    Sennheiser PC140 Headphones

    A sound buy for all things voice-activated

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      Once upon a time, headset microphones were devices used solely by pilots, camp choreographers, Madonna wannabes and members of Steps. But now that computers have taken over the world, the need for high quality, all-in-one headsets has grown, no, exploded beyond belief. With voice-activated gaming, surfing and telephony becoming ever more popular there's never been a better time to buy a headset. And there's never been a better headset to buy than the Sennheiser PC140.

      Sennheiser PC140 headset: microphone

      This 'behind the head' style neckband headset has been specifically developed to cater for gamers and surfers who prefer to communicate with their computers via voice, not fingers and thumbs. Amongst its many fabulous features, the PC140 boasts a precise, noise-cancelling mic with an adjustable rest position.

      Sennheiser PC140 headset: in use

      This means your instructions will always be understood regardless of background interference or face-shape. We're not saying a pneumatic drill in the background or Bruce Forsythe-length chin won't matter a jot, but the PC140 can handle itself in most situations. A single sided cable ensures you won't get tied in knots when the gaming gets going, and the neat neckband design means your hair won't get mussed up after hours of dictation/direction. Plus it is considerably more comfortable than traditional over the top of the head style headbands and so is great for prolonged wear.

      Sennheiser PC140 headset: single side cable

      With its handy in-line volume control, mic mute switch and soft comfy headphones, the PC140 is perfect for marathon sessions spent sat at your PC. It's also compatible with CD, DVD and MP3 players. The PC140 really is the ultimate PC headset. In fact, with gaming, surfing and Internet telephony advancing at such a ludicrous rate, we think the PC140 is going to be an essential peripheral before long. And if all that's not enough to persuade you, consider this: even when the PC140's not connected you can still prance around miming to Tragedy. Is that loud and clear?

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