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Sena Vista iPhone 4 Case
  • Sena Vista iPhone 4 Case

Sena Vista iPhone 4 Case

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    Those poor folk at Apple. They go to all the trouble of designing a gorgeous mobile gizmo, and what do we do? We wrap the whole thing in a horrible plasticky clip-on cover – to stop it from getting spoiled (irony alarm)! Well thanks to the Sena Vista iPhone 4 Case, you can protect your mobile from bumps and scratches, without tarnishing its looks. Indeed, wrapped in high quality leather, this rigid case will lend it a new level of sophistication.

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    But the Sena Vista is more than just a good-looking case. Designed into the metal detailing on the back, a hinged support can be folded out to prop up your iPhone horizontally. Watch videos, replay home movies, stream TV or blogs, or simply display your favourite photos. You’ll be amazed how often the little flip-out foot comes in handy.

    Side view

    Button openings on the side

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