Summer Sale 2018
Selfie Brush
  • Selfie Brush
  • Selfie Brush

Selfie Brush


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  • Be selfie-ready, with immaculate hair, every time
  • Large paddle brush gives professional styling results
  • Infinitely easier to find in the dark depths of your handbag
  • You're less likely to drop it, and it'll cushion the fall!
  • Built-in mini mirror to avoid gurning photo-bombers


Don't pull your hair out trying to take the perfect selfie, sweep it effortlessly back into shape and grab a candid snap with the Selfie Brush.

This large and colourful paddle brush produces professional styling results and is easier to salvage from the cluttered depths of your bottomless handbag; so that means no more frantic scrabbling and missing out on those slightly-awkward (but cherished) celebrity photo opportunities.

Just slide in your iPhone via the opening in the top and you're ready to go. The handle makes it infinitely easier to hold and the brush doesn't impede on your regular screen use so you can still get fancy with the filters and tweet about the night's debauchery. There's even a handy built-in mini mirror so you can avoid any gurning photo-bombers.

Now you can be be selfie-ready, with immaculate locks – every time.

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