Self-destruct Button Keychain
  • Self-destruct Button Keychain

Self-destruct Button Keychain

The button for people who blow up

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    Self-destruct Button Keychain
    Why let the President of the USA have all the laughs? He shouldn't be the only one allowed to have his finger on the button, ready to press his digit down and kick off some almighty mayhem. It's high time that real people got to feel the awesome thrill of triggering the self-destruct button - and with this one, you don't even have to destroy the earth - or anyone's eardrums - in the process.

    That's quite right, far from being the bomb-detonating gateway to Armageddon that you'll find installed in Polaris submarines and all good underground missile silos, this Self-destruct Button is more of a pocket-sized agent of irritating noise that's ideal for blowing off steam and letting everyone at the bus stop know that you're truly miffed.

    Flip open the clear plastic cover with its skull and crossbones warning sign and you'll find the kind of switch that Dr Strangelove would strangely love, a bright red pushbutton girdled by warning tape. Once depressed, you'll cower beneath the flashing red LED, and tremble with the ominous ticking coming from the built-in speakers, rising to a terrifying crescendo before boom - the virtual explosion goes off. It's not going to be rattling windows down the street, but it's just loud enough to satisfy your sense of drama.

    Unlike triggers for modern day nuclear weapons, this one comes with a keychain - a must for anyone keen to keep company with their very own self-destruct unit. If you're feeling particularly troublesome, try using the adhesive patch on the back to stick the switch on the dashboard of your car, or the side of your monitor, even the front of your alarm clock- now there's something we've all been keen to blow up once in a while...

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