Self-Watering Flower Pot

    Self-Watering Flower Pot

    Just as nature intended. Sort of.

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      We all know indoor plants need a bit of TLC to survive, but it's amazing how many of us forget to water them once in a while. It's too much hassle; all that filling up of jugs and pouring of water. Life's too short.

      Self-Watering Flower Pot

      Oh, oh, oh it's magic!

      It's even worse when you go on holiday because finding a kindly neighbour who won't go through your drawers or laugh at your Charlie Dimmock posters is a nightmare. If only your plants could water themselves. Well with the ingenious Eva Solo Self-Watering Flower Pot they can do exactly that!

      This clever little ceramic pot sits on top of a glass container that acts as a water reservoir. Water is drawn up through a special nylon wick which hangs down from the bottom of the pot, like an extension of the plant's roots. When your plant fancies a drink it just soaks up some water as required. Flower power? Not half!

      Self-Watering Flower Pot
      The reservoir holds enough water to last about a week, giving you just enough time to forget to water your plant without it dying on you. All you have to do is remember to fill the reservoir before you go off gallivanting into the sunset. And if you can't manage that you really should consider giving up on the whole living greenery thing and buy something plastic instead.

      The Eva Solo has won countless design awards around the world, and that's hardly surprising because as well as being an inspired idea, this nifty abode for neglected flora will sustain your beloved indoor plants whenever you forget to. It really is the ideal gift for scatterbrained plant lovers everywhere. No watering can required!

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