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Self Shelf

    Self Shelf

    Minimalist beyond belief

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      Self Shelf

      Oh, oh, oh it's magic!

      Buying shelves isn't exactly the most thrilling experience. Putting them up sucks as well. In fact looking at them is not particularly inspiring either. So what in the name of flat-packed furniture are we doing selling them? Well, the thing is, the Self Shelf is so ingenious it's guaranteed to have visitors scratching their heads in disbelief.

      Your eyes do not deceive you - it really does look like the books are floating, as if by magic, on the wall. That's because the Self Shelf is actually a shelf disguised as a big book.

      Self Shelf

      Stack 'em high

      Simply attach it to the wall using the supplied bracket and start stacking those books. The bracket remains hidden by the phoney tome, so your books look like they've been possessed by some Harry Potter-style ghostie. Clever, eh?

      Self Shelf
      Ideal for fans of extreme minimalism, the Self Shelf looks great in any room. And because it's so unobtrusive, nay invisible, it goes with any décor. In fact we can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from owning one of these highly original, space-saving shelves. Except perhaps Posh Spice, as she admits she's never read a book, let alone owned one. Then again, maybe she could put all those unsold copies of Let Your Head Go (no, us neither) on there. Or maybe not, because although the Self Shelf is super sturdy it can't hold more than 4kg.

      Self Shelf






      The only clue that the Self Shelf is not all that it seems is the book's title. Those of you who did their French homework will know that "Ceci n'est pas un livre" means "this is not a book". Oh yes, and the author goes by the name of S.E.L.F. Shelf.

      The only other reason you might be sussed out is if this pretend French classic sticks out like a sore 'pouce' amongst your copies of Bravo Two Zero and Being Jordan. But we're not here to judge your taste, we're here to persuade you to purchase a Self Shelf. So get ordering or forever hold your War and Peace.

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