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    Make tiresome walking a thing of the past

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      Having created a buzz the size of a swarm of particularly disgruntled Africanised bees, largely due to its Internet alias, Project Ginger, the Segway personal transportation device is finally here and promises to make a simple trip to the local newsagent an electrically powered treat.

      The Segway has a range of 17 miles from a single charge and can turn 360 degrees on the spot. ItÂ’s also nigh on impossible to fall off one thanks to some clever electrical sensor trickery. Top speed is a nippy 12.5Mph, not bad considering the Segway tips the scales at a beefy 38kg. You might want to think twice before taking one down to your local skate ramp to show it off, though, 38kg of hi-tech transportation device landing on your leg after you unsuccessfully attempt a 360 really doesnÂ’t bear thinking about.

      The Segway isnÂ’t available to the general public as yet, but email us for more info or check out

      Watch the Segway in action!
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