Segway Rally Experience for Two
  • Segway Rally Experience for Two

Segway Rally Experience for Two

Lean into it

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Special Offer:

Enjoy a fun and action packed Segway thrill for two - 30% off!

Locations Available:

Berkshire (South West) London (South East) Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire (Midlands) North Yorkshire, Cheshire (North)


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    You might have seen them on TV and in the movies, but until you’ve stepped on a Segway you haven’t experienced the half of it. These remarkable vertical scooters defy gravity by having just two wheels – and yet, they’re a complete doddle to ride (unless you’re George Bush). So of course, it was only a matter of the time before the inevitable happened...

    That’s right, these marvels of modern technology have been adapted for racing! The Segway Rally Experience for Two Special Offer lets you go head to head with your friend – or watch mum and Dad battle it out – on a custom-built rally course.

    Your day will start with a rundown of the basics with a trained instructor, and a gentle pootle around the local area. You’ll learn how to handle obstacles, turn, stop, and of course go, go go! Once you’ve got the hang of your self-balancing steed, you’ll be let loose on the rally course. Give it some welly and clock up your best time, or just giggle your way from A to B. The best part about Segways is they’re as crazy, or as calm, as you are!

    Using advanced gyroscopic sensors, the Segway's acceleration is controlled by leaning forward or backwards on the handlebars, making the Segway a uniquely smooth and intuitive vehicle to drive. After selecting your ideal location, your Segway Rally experience begins with a registration, where you'll be kitted up, ready for your briefing and training session. Once you've got to grips with the basic principles, you'll be taken for a group familiarity excursion, where you'll see the local area and gain confidence in controlling your Segway. Finally, it's time for the main event; take to the circuit and find out how good you really are as you take on the Segway rally course! The experience is approximately an hour, but you should allow around 90 minutes in total.

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