Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2
  • Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2

Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2

Chronic Sonic withdrawal symptoms? Not any more!

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    If you thought the Sega Megadrive Plug 'n' Play was impressive, wait until you get your thumbs around this stylish little baby. Yes, console fans, the Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2 is as retro-tastically enthralling as its predecessor and it's crammed with half a dozen of the greatest Megadrive titles ever.

    As we've undoubtedly mentioned before, the Megadrive was the first console that could genuinely mix it up with the coin-operated behemoths down the arcade, and it is fondly remembered by gaming aficionados as the platform that brought Sonic the Hedgehog to the masses.

    As its name suggests, the Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2 features six of the greatest games to grace the mighty Megadrive, and they've been ingeniously shoehorned into a self-contained unit that plugs straight into the TV. First and foremost there's Sonic 2, the bigger, brasher, faster sequel to the sideways scrolling original. The blue dude with a 'tude still has to collect rings and beat Dr Robotnik, only this time he's accompanied by a foxy sidekick called Tails.

    Next up is Ecco the Dolphin, a highly imaginative underwater epic in which players assume the role of a lost you do. Gain Ground is an obscure but riveting combat simulator that's so addictive you'll be reaching for the callus cream. Speaking of which, The Ooze is a bizarre actioner in which you control an amorphous glob of green goo. And if you think that's surreal wait until you play Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. This captivating platformer involves a big-eared boy king who likes playing scissors/paper/stone. No, really! Last but by no means least, there's Columns, a good old Tetris-esque puzzler.

    Although they're knocking on a bit, these console classics are more than mere blip blop, 'yeah, I remember that one' five-minute wonders. They're visually impressive adventures with genuine depth and infuriatingly addictive gameplay. Which is why we confidently predict the Sega Sonic 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play 2 will rocket into our best-sellers list faster than you can say 'Dr Robotnik's got his mechanized mitts on me Chaos Emeralds!'

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