Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console
  • Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console

Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console

The king of consoles is back

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    If you’re a genuine gaming nerd you’ll know that the Sega Mega Drive was the first home console to successfully combine instantly addictive gameplay with gorgeous graphics and sound. In fact this legendary 16-bit wonder was so impressive it saved an entire generation of pixel-gawpers from a squandered childhood fumbling for change down the arcade.

    Two controllers

    You get two of these!

    But if all this reminiscing is making you long for that dusty Mega Drive you flippantly flogged in order to buy a few Roxette albums and a tasselled leather jacket, fear not. Firebox is about to save the day with this ‘new’ improved version of Sega’s classic console. Simply plug it into the telly and you’re away.

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    It might be smaller than the original but the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console is preloaded with 15 Sega licensed games, including Sonic and Knuckles, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe and many more. Better still you can bung in all those old Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges that have been languishing in the loft. Indeed, this nifty region-muncher doesn’t care where your games originated.

    The 15 preloaded Sega licensed games...

    15 preloaded games...

    More information on these games here

    Two controllers

    Plug in your old games

    We guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you hear that jingly Sonic ditty and wrap your mitts around the reassuringly curvaceous joypads. It’s like the Noughties never happened. Confound that Dr Robotnik and his infernal Death Egg!

    Although they’re knocking on a bit, most Mega Drive games are more than mere blip blop, ‘yeah, I remember that one’ five-minute wonders. They’re visually impressive, infuriatingly compelling adventures with genuine depth. Touchdown!


    TV and power connections



    Best of all, you can buy this supremely portable console right here, right now, without suffering the indignity of rubbing shoulders with David Dickinson at a car boot sale or being outbid by some quick-fingered upstart on eBay. So get ordering. Last one to find the Master Emerald is a sissy!

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