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Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector
  • Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector

Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector

Fizz! Bang! Whoosh! Wow!

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    Resembling a small planetarium

    Resembling a small planetarium

    Aren’t fireworks fab? All that phwooshing, crackling, sparkling magic is enough to make the most miserable cynic open their gob in childlike wonder. Trouble is pulling off a decent display calls for a few thousand quid’s worth of fireworks, a night sky and a big field. At least it did, because the Sega Indoors Fireworks Projector lets you enjoy full-on displays without leaving home.

    Resembling a small planetarium, this jaw-droppingly entertaining gizmo beams realistic virtual firework displays across walls and ceilings. It even blasts out suitably explosive sound effects. The only thing missing is the heady aroma of gunpowder mixed with boiled hot dogs. Impressed? You should be because the Sega is the world’s first indoor firework projector, and unless you fancy flying to Japan the only place to get it is right here at Firebox.

    Watch the video here

    Watch the video demonstration

    Battery-powered, the Sega utilises six lenses, internal speakers and nine interchangeable image discs to replicate various awe-inspiring displays. All you do is select a mode, insert a disc and turn off the lights. Hook up to external speakers and we’re talking Beijing Olympics standard here, folks. We’ll even throw in three bonus discs containing messages such as ‘I love you’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

    9 Discs with 5 designs are included:

    Description Description Description

    Traditional disc

    Gorgeous disc

    Brilliant disc

    Description Description Description

    Eccentric disc

    Fun disc 1

    Fun disc 2

    Description Description Description

    Fun disc 3

    Happy Birthday disc

    Celebration disc


    Keep the projector a fair distance from the wall

    Because you can program your own shows and vary their duration and intensity, no two displays are the same. It’s like Bonfire Night, July 4th, Bastille Day and the climax of an Iron Maiden gig all rolled into one. Better still, proper pyromaniacs can get busy designing bespoke displays with the included pens and films. We guarantee guests will be awestruck. You might even hear some occasional oohs and aaahs.

    Ideal for parties, special occasions and moments when you fancy gawping at a spectacular display without getting off the sofa, the Sega Indoors Fireworks Projector is booming well brilliant. Best of all it won’t blow up in your face. Which is nice. Phwoosh…Weeeee…BOOM!

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