Seedbed Roll
  • Seedbed Roll

Seedbed Roll

Green fingers? No, polytunnels

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    english salad

    Enjoy some homegrown salad!

    If you’ve tried growing your own salad leaves you’ll know it’s not as simple as Alan Titchmarsh and co would have you believe – unless of course you enjoy scoffing puny, slimy foliage riddled with holes and bugs. That’s why we’ve been digging around for an idiot-proof growing system with a suitably scientific twist. And by the power of Dimmock’s doodahs, we’ve found one.

    Developed for commercial growers, the revolutionary Seedbed Roll is now available for all you backyard veg-fans. But what is it, we hear you yell as you race to don your wellies. Basically it’s a seed-laden grow mat and polytunnel, scientifically developed to conserve water and produce chemical, bug and disease-free veg. Mmm…home-grown pak choi.

    Laying the Seedbed Roll Seeds germinating Leaves growing strongly Harvesting

    Lay the seedbed roll on watered flat soil. Cover edges to prevent lifting by the wind.

    Seeds germinate and roots anchor the seedbed roll. Leaves start to lift the plastic film.

    Leaves grow strongly in a protected micro environment as perforations in the film expand to form a tunnel.

    The compostable film can be rolled back at or before harvest.

    Seedbed Roll close up

    Seed-impregnated roll

    All you do is lay the seed-impregnated roll on watered soil and cover the edges. Keep it moist and before you can say ‘Lettuce Catalogna Cerbitta’ (well maybe a bit longer) the seeds germinate and the roots anchor the roll. As the leaves grow they begin to gradually push the transparent polytunnel up, creating a protective environment. When your lettuce is fully grown, simply roll back the compostable film and crack out the salad cream.

    Mediterranean Salad Oriental Salad Summer Salad

    Mediterranean Salad

    Oriental Salad

    Summer Salad

    Thanks to the Seedbed Roll’s protective micro-environment there’s no need to weed or transplant your crop. In fact the only thing you need to worry about is what type of dressing to choose. Oh yes, and how to convince the neighbours that your backyard growing system is for lettuce.

    Down on the Firebox allotment we’ve successfully grown all three Seedbed Rolls (Oriental Leaves, English Summer Salad and Mediterranean Salad) and we can honestly say the leaves they produce are tastier than anything else you’ll find in the supermarket. Except doughnuts.

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