Secret Message Arrow
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Secret Message Arrow

It'll set 'em all a quiver...

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    Forged from high quality cast metal to deliver tender, heartfelt notes of love, the Secret Arrow is charmingly old-fashioned in its methods. Housed in the centre of the arrow is a roll of parchment, as we're legally allowed to call top quality paper in this case. Upon this pristine sheet, the sender writes a devastatingly witty, from-the-heart verse or passage. Rolled up and inserted in the Arrow's body, this message will have even more big love impact thanks to the unique holder.

    Secret Message Arrow: message

    At least that's the idea. But get the words right - practise first, especially if your joined-up is a bit rusty - and the Secret Arrow will hit the target. It could be something as simple as directions for a surprise night out or a saucy suggestion for one person's eyes only. Actually, it might work on more than one person, if you're in a particularly rich vein of form and leave names off the scroll.

    Use a real ink pen, know what you're writing and leave the prose-primed arrow for your intended. The Secret Arrow is accurate to within three or four words of romantic musing.

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