Sea Scooters

    Sea Scooters

    A life on the ocean wave

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      Even the most athletic among us quickly tire of the constant leg kicking that's an intrinsic part of the activity they're all calling swimming. Now you can dispense with strenuous limb movement as you glide gracefully through manÂ’s last unexplored frontier, discovering new species and crowning yourself the worldÂ’s premier aquatic pioneer into the bargain.

      The Sea Scooter weighs in at a paltry 5Kgs, so itÂ’s eminently totable and comes with its very own fetching holdall. The Scooter runs for 1 hour from an overnight charge, which makes it useless for evading dogged customs officials, but perfect for underwater exploration and scaring unsuspecting swimmers witless on your summer hols.

      SeaScooter Dolphin

      Sea Scooter Dolphin

      In response to customer demand, the new Dolphin Sea Scooter has been developed specifically for swimming pool, beach, lake and general leisure use. With a top speed of 2MPH, safety features including protective grilles, auto shut off, dual trigger control and positive buoyancy, the Dolphin is great for kids (8 years and older) and adults alike.

      SeaScooter GTI

      Sea Scooter GTI

      If you want more power than the standard Sea Scooter offers, you might want to plump for the beefed-up Sea Scooter GTI. Designed for the diving and open ocean markets, the GTI delivers enough thrust to take you to speeds up to 2.5MPH and can take you down to 100ft (30m) depth. Waterproof circuitry, adjustable buoyancy and a high degree of manouverability make the GTI the choice for more serious divers.

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