Sea Monkeys Ocean
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Sea Monkeys Ocean

Wiggly squiggly underwater pets

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    Sea Monkeys!

    Sure, it’s not quite Jurassic Park, but with the Sea Monkeys Ocean set you can bring your very own prehistoric animals back to life – and then watch as they swim, wriggle and play.

    This complete kit will guide you through preparing the ocean-themed habitat, hatching your seamonkeys and feeding them for the first time. In just 48 hours you will be able to spot the teeny hatchlings as they bob about in the water. You can even use the built-in magnifying portals to get a better view!

    Feed them regularly and your little colony will happily swim about in the Sea Monkeys Ocean for up to two years! Low maintenance and easy to feed, these charismatic little brine shrimp make a great first pet and a happy distraction on any office desk. Electric fences, live goats and Richard Attenborough not required.

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