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    Duvet covers are usually rather boring, aren't they? Flowery ones, plain ones, kitsch onezzzz; it's enough to send you to sleep. Which, under normal circumstances is the general idea.

    But this is Firebox and our circumstances are rarely normal. After all, beds aren't just for sleeping in. That's why we've been looking for a duvet cover that could - how can we put this? - add another element of fun to the boudoir.

    Scriptease Having carried out exhaustive research we can now confirm that Thomas the Tank Engine is a complete turn-off. And if you think that's strange, most participants in our late night survey also failed to grasp the irony of our Power Rangers Go Sleepy Night Night set, too!

    The point is we've been on the lookout for a duvet cover with a bit of oomph for some time. The Twister Duvet was our first find, and now we've discovered another in the shape of the ingenious Scriptease Duvet Cover Set.

    Scriptease This smart double duvet cover features three long Velcro strips and a whole heap of stick-on letters. This means you can create your very own messages for passing visitors, guests, or something saucy for your significant other.

    Scriptease With 120 letters you can be as romantic or suggestive as you like. Just make sure you check your spelling before going out. 'Fancy a bit of slop and pickle?' is not going to impress anyone (so we hear). And it might be an idea to lock your bedroom door before going out, as vindictive housemates could rearrange your seductive prose to 'I can make you feel like I've never had sex before.' (Again, so we hear).

    With a name like Scriptease the makers have obviously created this with romantic, come-to-bed-style messages in mind, but we think it has many other uses. Scriptease works brilliantly as a giant memo pad, especially if you have a habit of retiring to bed in a state of advanced refreshment. It's also great for a quick bedroom-based game of Countdown (any excuse).

    Scriptease If you still prefer naff patterns and you're in any doubt as to the potential fun to be had with Scriptease, ponder the following: if a picture paints a thousand words, why are you reading this?

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