Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Screen Cleaning Kit

Screen Cleaning Kit

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Screen Cleaning Kit
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It's new, exclusive and it's a Firebox Original! 😱
  • End your will-they-won’t-they fling with germs once and for all
  • Keep your smartphone box-fresh and sparkling clean
  • Contains everything you need to keep your phone clean on the go
  • Finally say goodbye to those f*ckboy germs, wherever you are
  • Includes keychains with reusable microfiber cloth and 2ml refillable spray


We’ve all read those clickbait-y stories about how our precious phones are secretly caked in all kinds of crap - literally, in this case. You don’t need a lecture about keeping that phone clean, just remember that you press that thing against your face several times a day.

It’s a good idea to keep your phone in good nick. This pocket-sized kit contains everything you need to make your device spick and span on the go, including a 2ml refillable cleaning spray keychain with a reusable microfibre cloth.

Swipe left on germs, Winter flu, coughs and colds this year. They’re the microscopic equivalent of f*ckboys, entering your body, hanging about for a few weeks before jumping on the next vaguely sexy (read: breathing) thing that walks past. You deserve better.

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