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Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad
  • Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad

Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad

Don’t just wiggle, scribble!

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    Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad
    Why just wiggle all over your mousemat when you can scribble all over it as well? It’s easy with the forehead-slappingly clever Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad. Yes, we know you can use yellow stickies but they clutter up your work area. Besides, they don’t have the amusing Etch-A-Sketch-ability of this smart mousemat.

    Brought to you by the idea-hugging social developers over at, the Scratch-n-Scroll features a Magic Slate-style writing surface that you can doodle on using your finger or the built-in stylus. When you need to erase your notes/musings/numbers/reminders/anatomically extraordinary drawings of the boss, simply flip up the semi-transparent top sheet and presto – the surface is blank.

    Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad

    Mouse Pad

    Note Pad

    Start over

    Ideal for inveterate doodlers, frustrated Matt Groenings and forgetful execs, the Scratch-n-Scroll works in conjunction with any optical/ball-based computer mouse, and features a non-slip back pad so you won’t knock your coffee over next time you’re shading in that sketch of Hitler playing tennis with a fried egg. Gawd, we’re bored.

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