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Scratch Globe
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Scratch Globe

Make your mark on the world

Product not available at the moment.
  • Perfect for new explorers and mildly-boastful globetrotters
  • Scratch away the gold foil to reveal the countries you've visited
  • Everyone's got a regular flat map or spherical globe, be different!
  • Made from high quality laminated cardboard
  • The perfect use for your worthless left-over foreign shrapnel


Take a look at our wonderful world. Bloody massive isn't it. Stupidly big.

Now you've either realised that you've scarcely set foot outside of your native homeland or you're a heroic globe-trotting rascal that has journeyed far and wide and wants to share their plucky adventures with all who'll listen. Whatever your motivation for owning a map, why not make sure it's a three-dimensional and tactile affair with the magnificent Scratch Globe

This really is a map with a difference, well a few notable ones anyway. It's the same old world you know and love, but instead of it being just a boring run-of-the-mill sphere – it's a ruddy tricotakaidihedron dammit!

Best of all there's a gold foil coating smothered over all the countries so you can feverishly scratch off where you've been to reveal a vibrant colourful map beneath. You'll be like a proud, jet-setting King Midas. Except the complete opposite.

Now when you return home from holidays with a pocket-full of worthless foreign shrapnel you can use it to aggressively scrape away that country on your lovely new map. Perfect.

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