Scrabble Prestige
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Scrabble Prestige

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    Raised grid to hold the pieces in place

    Splendiferous, exemplary, extravagant, lush. There are loads of words to describe Scrabble Prestige. And indeed, everything else in the world. So sharpen your pencils, shake up your tiles and let’s put them to good use.

    Presented in a mahogany box, this beautifully-finished set makes a spectacular gift for any Scrabble fan. The rotating game board has a raised grid, so tiles stay put after you’ve placed them. And while they’re waiting to be played, they can find a suitably decadent spot on the wooden racks or in the velvet-effect tile bag. And of course for the consummate enthusiast, there’s even a sand-filled timer.

    So forget fumbling about on a papery board with rheumy old letter tiles. Scrabble Prestige is the ultimate way to get the creative juices flowing. Dictionaries at the ready...

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