Scosche Backstage for iPad 3
  • Scosche Backstage for iPad 3

Scosche Backstage for iPad 3

Strap in!

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    Keep backseat passengers entertained for hours

    Long car journeys can be a real treat when you have spectacular views to enjoy. The Scottish Highlands, African savannahs, Isla Nublar’s wildlife... but things can be very different when you’re stuck on the M25, in the drizzling rain.

    But now there’s a solution. Keep yourself (and your passengers) upbeat and entertained with the Scosche Backstage for iPad 2. This handy PVC case will easily attach to your car’s headrest –making the perfect hands-free monitor for watching movies and streaming media. A wide hook and velcro strap let you secure and remove the Backstage quickly and easily.

    rear view

    A great case in or out of the car

    The design of the case means you still have access to all of the iPad’s functions. So you can easily plug in a charging cable or headphones while it’s in place. And even after you’ve unstrapped it from the headrest, it still makes a great case for your delicate tablet.

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