Scented Doughnut Coin Purses
  • Scented Doughnut Coin Purses

Scented Doughnut Coin Purses

Stow your dough

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  • Virtually indistinguishable from a real-life doughnut
  • Delicious 'cake' scent
  • The perfect place to stow all your hard-earned dough
  • Available in three equally appetising flavours
  • Doesn't contain jam


Stow your precious dough within the glazed walls of these Scented Doughnut Coin Purses and suddenly your money has never smelled sweeter (or looked tastier).

Each zip-up purse is scented with a delicious fragrance that the manufacturers affectionately call 'cake' – imagine a sort-of sugary, bakery ambiance that has somehow been encapsulated into one single glorious odour. It's immense.

They're also surprisingly roomy inside, meaning you can easily cram a load of notes, shrapnel, mini lip balms, strawberry jam and other bits in.

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  • "Lovely little coin purse, smells delicious!"
    Christopher - 7th of January, 2016