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Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game
  • Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game

Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game

Oh really, 007?

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    The name's Bond, James Bond. Well okay, it's com, - but if you're anything like us those five words alone are enough to get you reaching for your tux and losing yourself in a world of martinis, bikinis, gadgets and girls.

    Because let's face it, we all love Bond movies. Perhaps that's why everyone thinks they're a bit of an expert. After all, anyone worth their Solex Agitator has seen every movie at least fifty times (or is that just us?). But how well do you really know your 007 trivia? Well now you can find out with the Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game.

    Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game Dedicated to the world's most famous secret agent (an amusing oxymoron in itself), this special edition quiz game features a DVD filled with ingeniously edited video clips and visually entertaining challenges, as well as 200 trivia cards. The mission is simple: players must throw the dice and move around the board using one of four custom metal playing pieces: James Bond himself, a Bond girl, an Aston Martin and, of course, a martini.

    Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game Onscreen prompts follow each movie clip and you control the quiz via your DVD's remote control. The clips and questions come in many forms - from identifying villains who've been erased or pixellated (ouch!) to naming locations and guessing which Bond used what gadget.

    Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game

    Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game Even though Plenty O' Toole won't be there to blow on your dice, this ridiculously entertaining game is sure to leave you shaken and stirred. And for all you know-it-all Bond bores out there, no, the questions are not particularly easy; in order to win you'll definitely need to know your Crab Keys and Nick Nacks from your Kanangas and Goodheads. In fact the only question not in the Scene it? 007 DVD Board Game is this: if James Bond is such a brilliant secret agent, how come everyone knows his name? Oh, James!

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