Scalextric Le Mans 24hr

    Scalextric Le Mans 24hr

    'THERE... THEY... GO'

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      How relevant is good old-fashioned slot racing in this, the era of realistic videogame racing simulations? Is it just old-fashioned and not any good? The game of Scalextric has hardly changed since it first burned miniature rubber in 1957 yet its attraction is as strong as ever.

      Half the fun is setting up the track, and creating something thats as fiendish as Monte Carlo yet as fast as Spa. Even if accurate mapping of real-world circuits isn't on the agenda, there are enough track pieces in this Le Mans 24hr boxset to construct up something slightly more exciting than a bog-standard oval. Bombing around your course will be two Cadillac Northstars, each one with working headlights.

      Of course the cars fly off when you go around too fast, but that's the point. You've got to drive them like you would in (if only...) a real race - carefully round the bends, then at full throttle on the straights. However, the cars have something called Magnatraction keeping them on the track for longer than was once the case.

      Scalextric is a game of skill, it is as good as you remember it and you can have cracking races. One word of warning - don't set it up in an room full of twenty-something males and expect them to do anything but race for several hours.

      Set includes a power supply, two hand throttles, two Cadillac Northstars, a 2-lane road course of 9.3m running length track, standard curve borders, Chicane Pair, Crossover Pair, and Bridge Supports. This set also comes complete with an electronic lap counter.

      Some possible circuits

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