Savasocket Single Plug
  • Savasocket Single Plug

Savasocket Single Plug

You have the power

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    Charging up an iPhone

    It switches off the power as soon as your phone is fully charged!

    Now, you might not know this (we didn’t) but when you plug your mobile phone charger into the wall it actually consumes power whether your mobile is attached or not. And the same goes for all of your other rechargeable gadgets – cameras, MP3 players, electric toothbrushes, the lot. Sure, it’s not as much power as when the gadgets are charging, but it’s estimated that in the US they waste around $3 billion a year this way. So it’s more than just an environmental issue, these little plug-ins are costing you money!

    Which is why at Firebox HQ we’ve taken to using the Savasocket Single Plug. Acting like the frugal middleman between your chargers and the wall socket, this handy plug detects when your gadgets’ batteries are full and automatically cuts the power. So you’re not wasting money charging an already fully-powered gizmo, or worse, consuming power when there’s nothing connected!

    A blinking light on the top lets you know when the power is on and when it has cleverly switched itself off. And if you have more than one gadget to connect, simply hit the reset button and the Savasocket will reconnect the power. Thanks to this discreet adapter you can be sure that 100% of your energy costs are being spent recharging your precious kit, and not just being eeked into the atmosphere.

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