Savasocket Multi Plug
  • Savasocket Multi Plug

Savasocket Multi Plug

Stand-down your standby

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    IR sensor close-up

    Power up and turn off the Savasocket with your TV remote!

    Now, far be it from us to suggest powering-down your gadgets. In fact that’s about as likely as Carol Vorderman fluffing her sums. But when you’re not using your mains-powered equipment, that little glowing standby button uses power. And that costs you money! So why not save yourself some cash and do your bit for the environment with the Savasocket Multi Plug. This remarkable 6-plug adaptor acts as a standby button for all of your appliances at once and can be switched on or off with your TV remote control.

    Loads of sockets

    Plug in up to 6 mains powered items

    Yes, just like your gadgets it has a standby function. Yes, that uses power. But unlike your gadgets it uses a scant 0.19W. A typical home appliance will use up to 0.5W in standby. If that doesn’t sound like much of a difference, bear in mind that powering down your gadgets with the Savasocket will actually save you £43 (or more) per year in electricity!

    Just use the Savasocket Multi Plug as you would any adaptor. Four of the sockets can be set to standby with your remote, while two are unaffected – providing uninterrupted power to your essential life support systems (TV recorder, Freeview, Sky+ box, etc.). It takes about 30 seconds to programme your remote to use the Savasocket Multi Plug, and less than 12 months for it to pay for itself. How do you like those numbers, Carol?

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