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Sauce Mini-Lightwand

    Sauce Mini-Lightwand

    Colour changing keyring

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      Sauce is a range of interactive colour-changing products that catch the eye and spark the imagination by creating a rainbow of very unusual, multi-coloured lighting effects. You need to see one in action to really understand what it's about but needless to say we've caused havoc with ours in restaurants, meetings, festivals and on various night outs. It's one of those unusual toys that people are guaranteed to ask 'what's that?' when they see you playing with it.

      A built in microprocessor mixes red, green and blue LEDs to produce several easily controlled modes of coloured light.

      There are four main modes in the LightWand; you cycle through them by pressing the button on the front of the stick. The four modes are:

      • Colour Wash - a very neat mode where the three main colours (red, green and blue) seamlessly fade into one another, showing all the colour combinations in between.
      • Random Colour Changes - a mode where one or two of the colours flash every couple of seconds.
      • Fixed Colours - this mode starts off red, but by holding down the button you can fix the LightWand on any of the possible colour combinations (effectively, you are pausing the Colour Wash mode).
      • Strobe - all three LEDs flash on at once, to produce a white light, which flashes rapidly on and off.
      But there are hidden modes, too - some which alter the speeds at which the four original modes operate, some that do something else entirely. There is also one hidden mode that keeps the Light Wand on permanently, instead of doing its usual and turning itself off after 10 minutes of colour changing magic. Just hold down the button for about 15 seconds when the LightWand is off; the sign that permanent mode is activated is the appearance of the blue light. Then you can choose a mode in the normal way, and the LightWand will remain on until, well, either you turn it off or the batteries run out.

      For another Sauce light product that brings the colour changing magic to the whole room, check out the excellent LightSaucer.

      Check out this Flash Demo of the Sauce Mini-Lightwand in action!
      Click here if you don't have Macromedia Flash

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