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Sauce LightSaucer

    Sauce LightSaucer

    Innovative colour-changing light

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      The LightSaucer is a funky light with four different standard modes and some secret modes! Three LEDs (red, blue and green) combine in a variety of different ways to produce four modes; colour wash, random colour changes, fixed colour and strobe. You switch between the modes by pressing down on the front of the LightSaucer; effectively, it's one big button. By holding down the button during certain modes, hidden modes can be activated, where speed and colour changes vary with impressive results. This is how the four standard modes pan out:
      • Colour Wash - a very neat mode where the three main colours (red, green and blue) seamlessly fade into one another, showing all the colour combinations in between.
      • Random Colour Changes - a mode where one or two of the colours flash every couple of seconds.
      • Fixed Colours - this mode starts off red, but by holding down the button you can fix the LightWand on any of the possible colour combinations (effectively, you are pausing the Colour Wash mode).
      • Strobe - all three LEDs flash on at once, to produce a white light, which flashes rapidly on and off.
      LightSaucer can be wall mounted or displayed flat on its back, and the standard auto-shutoff function can be disabled to give continuous displays of colour. This means that you can use a LightSaucer as mood lighting, a nightlight (diddums), during parties, as unusual yet effective display lighting or as part of celebratory decorations. However, if you just leave one lying around when people are present, the LightSaucer is guaranteed to be the most fiddled-with item in the room. Unless you're holding one of those parties when car keys are placed in a dish on the coffee table...

      Check out this Flash Demo of the Sauce LightSaucer in action!
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