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Satellite Navigation Mat
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Satellite Navigation Mat

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    Nav-Mat Slim Line with Windscreen Sat-Nav Mount

    If you think balancing a map on one knee is tricky, try balancing a satnav or iPhone on your dashboard. Yes, you can suction-cup ‘em to the windscreen but that leaves tell-tale marks of the ‘in here Mr Thieving Yobbo’ variety. Besides, suckers have a habit of plopping off just when you need to glance at some pixellated gyratory system. That’s why it pays to steady your route-spewing gizmos with a supremely portable bean-filled mat.

    First up, meet the iPhone-friendly Dash-Mat. Complete with an adjustable, gizmo-snuggling cradle, this ingenious holder utilises a heap of weighted beans encased in dashboard-gripping material to provide a solid base for delicate gadgets. Yes, that’s gadgets plural, because the Dash-Mat can also accommodate PDAs, handheld satnavs and radar detectors. When you arrive at your destination simply remove the whole shebang from view. Easy! It can even hold gadgets vertically or horizontally.

    Dash-Mat for iPhone:
    Dash-Mat Dash-Mat Dash-Mat

    Simple installation: Slot the cradle to the weighted Dash-Mat, and insert your iPhone or PDA

    Next, say ‘hold me tight’ to the Nav-Mat Slim line. Perfect for traditional satnav units, this equally sturdy holder is virtually identical to the Dash-Mat except it uses your existing satnav mount. Simply plop it in and you’re good to go. No tools required.

    Dash-Mat Nav-Mat Slim line Windscreen Sat-Nav Mount

    Dash-Mat for iPhone

    Nav-Mat Slim line

    Accessory: Windscreen Sat-Nav Mount


    Nav-Mat Slim Line

    If you are wondering if these ingenious beanbags can hold your gadgets in place when the going gets tough (and the driving gets silly), the answer is a resounding yes. Despite exhaustive road tests we couldn’t shift ‘em. Okay, we got hopelessly lost, but that’s because we hate being hectored by a computerised bully who sounds like Moira Stewart on mogadons. So, as any decent satnav might say, ‘In the…next…fifteen seconds…approach…your mouse…and press…the Buy button.’

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