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SatNav Shoes

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April Fool Product 2009!
GOTCHA! Yep that's right, this product was part of our April Fool range for 2010. We apologise if you are disappointed... or just sitting there red-faced! You can see our other April Fool products here.


    The Postcode input computer

    Just input your starting and ending destination postcode

    Want to walk around crowded city centres and not look like a tourist? You need a pair of nifty Sat Nav Shoes! Using good old GPS technology to guide you from postcode to postcode these shoes really do talk the talk and walk the walk!

    The left shoe holds all the gadgetry: under the tongue (the shoe’s, not yours) you will find the control unit. Just enter your starting and destination postcodes and shazam, you're off and walking! Just remember to look both ways (like that hedgehog says) before crossing roads.

    The DNavbubble

    LED DNav Bubble ®

    There are two ways Sat Nav Shoes give you directions. An LED DNav Bubble on the front acts as a visual guide and you’ll hear a beep when you are heading in the wrong direction. So now even Boris can find his way around City Hall in the dark! For those that don't eat their carrots, the heel of the shoe is equipped with waterproof speakers, so you can hear the reassuring drone of ‘left, next left, right after Pancho’s Kebabs’ etc. It’s genius!

    But that's not all because you can use your mobile headset and listen to instructions via Bluetooth. Ooohhhh you hear that?!

    The Speakers on the heel

    Waterproof speaker system
    on the heel

    What do the shoes run on apart from roads? Well, the clever scientists at Droidwear have fitted a secret compartment in the sole of the shoe that stores two rechargeable AA batteries. If you're a true boy scout, treat yourself to a freeloader to keep your batteries charged up for those long camping trips. At least you'll be miles ahead in the orienteering!


    We think these shoes will transform the way people navigate around cities. Goodbye to maps, TomToms and 3G mobiles. Hello to Sat Nav Shoes. Perfect for nudists (who still wear shoes) and all those who still don't know where the nearest Subway is. Run along now and buy a pair!

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