Sapphire Torch

    Sapphire Torch

    Bluer than velvet was the light

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      A clubberÂ’s delight, a naughty personÂ’s Old Bill impersonator, a lighter-upper of dark driveways and by far the most impressive pocket light source of its size. The Sapphire Torch is a mightily impressive little thing, especially when you consider that itÂ’s not much different in size to your thumb.

      Powered by a lithium battery and utilising a blue gallium nitride LED, the Sapphire Torch is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard during daylight hours. Use it in the dark, however, and its power is there for all to see. The beam of bright blue light it produces is remarkably strong.

      The manufacturers, an American company called ASP, are so confident of the Sapphire TorchÂ’s ability to maintain potency for a considerable length of time (it'll work for 35 continuous hours, which equates to thousands of seconds-long bursts) that they guarantee their amazing little product for life, and will also replace a broken Sapphire Torch at a cost of $3. That is a good deal, we reckon, and weÂ’ve yet to have one die on us.

      If you donÂ’t believe just how good the Sapphire Torch is, then have a glance at the reviews below. ItÂ’s fair to say that most of them are positive...

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