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Santa Moustache Mug
  • Santa Moustache Mug

Santa Moustache Mug

Hairy Christmas!

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    Joe drinking from mug

    Ideal for a Secret Santa gift

    More than just a cappuccino stain, the thoroughly festive Santa Moustache Mug has a big white ‘tache printed on both sides. So whether you’re left or right-handed, you can enjoy a hot cuppa like the big man himself.

    How? Just bring the cup to your lips and onlookers will see how you’d look with a great big bushy ‘tache! All you’re missing is a red hat and a ‘ho-ho-ho’.

    Enjoy your favourite hot drinks in this 300ml mug and cause smirks around the office. Or better still, serve it to your stuffy neighbour next time they come round for tea. ‘Have you done something with your hair? It looks so full-bodied and shiny!’

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