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Samsung Navibot SR8845 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Samsung Navibot SR8845 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Navibot SR8845 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eat my dust!

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    This little sucker is very intelligent

    Now, we’re not suggesting we let machines take over (we’ve all seen the documentary Terminator), but some day-to-day jobs are just so boooring! Surely it wouldn’t hurt to let robots get on with them while we’re out, would it? Well, to test the water we’ve found the Samsung Navibot SR8845 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – an ingenious way to hoover your house with a robot small enough to beat with a stick (if we had to).

    Armed with 37 sensors and an onboard camera, the Navibot creates a virtual map of your home. Automatically skirting round obstacles, dodging overhangs and halting at stairs, it memorises the most efficient cleaning path. Set it going when you’re heading out the door (or delay the start until later in the day) and the Navibot will happily do the rounds – only stopping and returning to its dock when it needs to top up its battery.

    The built-in bag has a capacity for 600ml of dirt, dust, pet hair and fluff – which doesn’t seem very much. But then, it’s not like your typical once-a-week whip round with your hoover. The Navibot will clean your floors every day, so there hopefully won't be quite as much to suck up. When you get home, empty the bag in seconds and it’ll be ready to go again tomorrow!

    As the Navibot's wise human overlord, you have complete control over how it works. If you’ve spilt sugar on the floor, set it to Spot Clean and it’ll work in a slowly expanding spiral, making sure it gathers every spilt grain. Noticed a few dustbunnies along the skirting boards? Set the Navibot to Edge mode and it’ll hug the walls all the way around the room.

    Thanks to a patented pet hair care system, it’s also rather handy if your four-legged friend keeps leaving little hairy bundles everywhere they’ve been. Not only will The Navibot suck up the hair, but a removable (and washable) HEPA filter traps all the airborne nasties that can trigger asthma symptoms and allergic reactions.

    To top it all, this clever automaton has an Auto Stop at Lifting sensor, which instantly cuts out the motor at the first sign of being lifted off the floor or tilted in any way. A great safety feature if you have young ones running around – not to mention if it shows any signs of colluding with the blender or passing notes to the fridge. The Navibot is the perfect way to keep your house clean and tidy without accidentally overthrowing humanity. Hasta la duster, baby!

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