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Samson Meteor USB Mic
  • Samson Meteor USB Mic

Samson Meteor USB Mic

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    connect with the supplied USB cable

    Connects to PC or Mac via USB

    Record pitch-perfect audio on your PC with the Samson Meteor USB Mic. Not only will this chrome-plated gizmo look great on your desk, it’ll also capture sound at CD-quality 16-bit resolution. Great for recording music and audio blogs; or using Skype, iChat or voice recognition software.

    The cleverly-designed legs are hinged – allowing you to adjust the recording angle, or fold them up completely for easy transport. Folded up like this, they’ll also protect the microphone head from any knocks and bumps in transit.

    flexible and foldable

    The unique folding design is great for transporting the mic without damaging it and also adjusting the recording angle

    plug your headphones straight into the mic

    Listen to the sound of your own voice!

    With its retro styling and outstanding performance, the Samson Meteor is the mic of choice for discerning audio buffs. Especially since it can be adapted for use with a boom or desktop mic stand. It’s compatible with most software – no drivers are required. So all you have to do is set it up, plug it in and make some noise!

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