Sam the Cat

    Sam the Cat

    Purr-fect for feline aficionados

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      Say hello to Sam – (the name comes from 'Synthetic Animated Moggy' in case you were wondering).

      Experts reckon that stroking a dozing cat can considerably reduce your stress levels and relieve tension. Fair enough, but they don't tell you how to reconstruct your curtains after the little blighter's destroyed them or how to remove mysterious stains from a suede sofa. That's why this delightful feline doppelganger is such a fantastic idea.

      Sam the Cat's boxUnnervingly realistic, he/she (you decide) will sit on your lap without so much as a Here, kitty, kitty, gently breathing and purring as you fondle its soft nylon fur. One stroke and 2 AA batteries are all your furry friend requires to come to life for 5 minutes and gently purr its way into your heart.

      Although stroking Sam is incredibly soothing, the benefits don't stop at relaxation alone. This mechanical moggy is great for playing feline-based pranks with; you can frighten the life out of colleagues by activating pusskins and putting him in a drawer, or watch in delight as confused dogs stare in bewilderment at its gentle breathing motion.

      This is a great gift, especially for the ladies – in tests, 8 out of 10 men said their girlfriends preferred caressing this huggably hi-tech companion than escorting them to the pub.

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