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Salt and Pepper Mason Jars

Deep South Shakers

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  • Season your food like it's 1858!
  • Crafted from glass with a stainless steel screwtop lid
  • Bears all the hallmarks of the classic American design
  • Emblazoned with a whimsical little cockerel
  • Also makes a great watering-can for a small bonsai tree
You've skinned that mouthwatering piece of road-kill and made yourself some mighty fine headgear, but now it's time to eat the little critter. And what better way to season a pulverised raccoon delicacy than with these Salt and Pepper Mason Jars.

Crafted from glass and with a screwtop lid, they bear all the quality hallmarks of the original and iconic American design – only about 5x smaller. A positively nostalgic pair of condiment decanters to sprinkle a bit of ol' fashioned Hill-billy flavour onto your mundane meals.

Don't stop at salt or pepper either – these shrunken shakers are great for showering your fries with paprika or your hot chocolate with cocoa. Best of all, with their dinky little handles you can propose mini-toasts every time you dowse your delicacies.

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