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Salami Notes
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Salami Notes

Meaty Memos

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  • Thinly sliced by our expert butchers
  • High-quality cured sausage meat, very low in fat
  • Rind left on. Wrapped in a traditional deli-netting
  • Transforms your regular yellow post-its into slices of cheese


Post-it notes are boring. So very boring. You see one and they immediately spell out bad news – a chore, an unwanted reminder, an IOU. Salami Notes are here to turn those paper pouts into smoked-sausage smiles.

Made from high-quality cured pork and thinly sliced by our master butchers, these meaty memos are certain to liven up your desktop space and make note-sharing a juicy and appetising affair. Perfect for leaving a delicate(ssen) message for that smoking hot (char)cute(r)ie in the office. (Sorry)

Best of all, these salami notes will miraculously transform your regular boring yellow post-it notes...into slices of delicious cheese.

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