Sagaform Club All Purpose Glasses
  • Sagaform Club All Purpose Glasses

Sagaform Club All Purpose Glasses

Swedish style class, in a glass

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    Blue and green set

    Blue and Green Set

    The Swedes have brought us many great things over the years. Where would we be without the catchy kitsch pop melodies of ABBA, the unruffled Tennis skills of Bjorn Borg or the joys of minimal flat pack furniture? We’d be in a darker place, folks, and we wouldn’t have that drawer full of allen keys, would we? Now, those serene Swedes have done it again, and served up these fabulous Sagaform Club All Purpose Glasses at the Firebox Bar.

    Pink and Orange set

    Pink and Orange Set

    This set of four hand-blown, high-quality, elegant glasses make the ideal gift for lovers of gorgeous glassware, whether they like the liquor or prefer a booze-free beverage. As they’re all-purpose, yep you guessed it, they’re good for just about any drink you can think of. With four luminous colours in the set and a heavy-set stem, we’ve never seen goblets as good-looking as these. Bottoms up!

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