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Saga Guitar Kit (Les Paul Version)
  • Saga Guitar Kit (Les Paul Version)

Saga Guitar Kit (Les Paul Version)

Why smash when you can build?

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    detail of guitar neck

    Solid maple neck

    Real guitar heroes don’t just play their guitars. They sleep with them, obsess over them, tinker with them, customise them and caress them. So just imagine how you’d feel about an axe if you’d built it from scratch. Well thanks to the Saga Guitar Kit you can do exactly that.

    This high quality kit lets budding Brian Mays construct their own fully playable Les Paul-style electric guitar. But just as it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a real challenge to construct an axe; Airfix this most certainly isn’t. But if you’re willing to invest a little T and C into proceedings and follow the detailed instructions you’ll soon be spanking a one-of-a-kind plank. Kerrang!

    Each kit includes all the parts required to get strumming, including a pre-shaped, pre-routed basswood body, scratchplate, solid maple neck with fretted rosewood fingerboard, pre-drilled headstock, adjustable truss rod and nickel-plated hardware. No woodwork or soldering required, although you will need to paint and seal your Saga. Jet black, lime green or some psychedelic custom finish? The possibilities are endless. We’ll even throw in strings and a lead.

    close up of wire components

    The wire components

    Of course, it would be pretty pointless building your own axe if it sounded like a set of rubber bands on a broomstick. Thankfully, our chord crankin’ testers tell us that the Saga is more than capable of mixing it with far more expensive Les Paul-style guitars. Better still, tweaking it will be far easier as you’ll know every inch of your axe.

    Rest assured you’ll be in good company playing a Les Paul-inspired guitar. Everyone from Jimmy Page to Slash has plucked one of these legendary six strings. Okay, so Jimmy occasionally played his with a violin bow and Slash has been known to play his in an advanced state of JD-fuelled refreshment but that’s only because they didn’t build theirs from scratch. Probably. Kerrang!

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