Summer Sale 2018
Safe-Sex Sweater
  • Safe-Sex Sweater
  • Safe-Sex Sweater

Safe-Sex Sweater

If it’s on, it’s not on

Product not available at the moment.
  • Guaranteed protection from sexual activity of any kind
  • Cuffs are ribbed, for your pleasure
  • Satisfaction - however brief - is assured
  • Available in 3 sizes (not that it matters, or anything)


Love comes in many forms. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime, and sometimes it can be fleeting (oh, so very fleeting). But it’s always good to be prepared, which is where this prophylactic-inspired sweater really satisfies.

As a contraceptive method, the Safe-Sex Sweater is 99% guaranteed to prevent sexual activity of any kind. You simply pull it on and relax, safe in the knowledge that thanks to its unique design and polyester construction, you’re completely protected from any sexual advances.

Rest assured, there’s no chance of getting knocked up in this jimmy jumper.

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