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Safe Dreams Cot Wrap
  • Safe Dreams Cot Wrap

Safe Dreams Cot Wrap

Sleep tight

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    Wrapping the Cot Wrap

    Velcro makes it easy to install

    Safe Dreams Cot Wrap is a soft, breathable surround for your baby’s cot or crib. Wrap it around all four sides of their cot and it acts as a padded barrier between them and the hard wooden bars. Plus, it stops their arms or legs from getting caught up, or precious toys being lost through the gaps in the night.

    Made from 100% Softbreathe™ fabric, it allows a steadily flow of air through, so won’t bother your baby’s breathing even if they’re up close. It’s an ideal way to ensure a safe, secure and uninterrupted night’s sleep for your baby – and you!

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